Sunday, March 3, 2013

Ebook Belajar Laptop

What are the new features of the 10th version?

This version was released on October 2010 and is an immensely improved version of performance management and platform of business intelligence. Ebook Teknisi Komputer What makes it better? Here are some of the features that need to be considered:

a. Active Report & Statistics Objects : Options for data presentation have greatly been modified and more choices are provided. Report authors can now create accounts and reports that would meet the analytical needs of the people who need and use such accounts.

b. Interface that can be maintained easily: Most users would want to read reports that are made by others and would not care what platform they use. However, there are few users who have more specific needs and therefore, need a more specialized platform. Cognos 10 caters to these needs with the help of its Business Insight Advances: Ebook Memperbaiki Komputer Lengkap